April 20, 2020

How to Groom a Cat – Essential Tips

Cats are experts when it comes to taking care of themselves and staying neat and beautiful at any time. But every now and then, they require a little help from their human companions. If you want them to look like the furball you know they can be, you should learn how to groom a cat properly. Besides the dashing looks, regular checking, cleaning, trimming and grooming will benefit your feline’s health, as well. Let’s take a look at how to do it.

Wondering How to Groom a Cat? Start With the Checkup

Even before you start the whole grooming process, conduct a checkup of your feline. This quick examination can be done daily, say when they jump in your lap to cuddle, but a thorough one should be done at least once a month.

How to Groom a Cat 101: Check Their Ears and Nose

When examining your cats, pay attention to details. Start with their ears, and make sure they are clean. Sometimes, dirt, wax, or blood can collect there, causing inflammation and sores. Beware of ear mites, because they are harder to spot, but they leave a reddish/brown discharge in the ear.

Gently touch your cat’s nose; it should be moist and smooth, without any lumps or swelling. Be on the lookout for any discharge coming from their nose, because it can be a sign of infection. Pay attention to the way your cat is breathing; it should be even and effortless. This would be a perfect time to check their mouth, as well.

Cat’s Mouth and Skin Should Be Healthy-Looking

Healthy felines have clean and white teeth free of any chipping. When examining their mouth, make sure that the gums are not bleeding and that there is no swelling and redness.

Your pet’s skin can tell you a lot about their health. If your cat is scratching or chewing their skin, you should consider anti-flea medicinal baths and a visit to the vet.

Trimming A Cat’s Claws

This whole process cannot be done without proper nail clippers, so make sure that you get quality ones. Beware that cat and dog clippers are not the same.

When you start trimming, give your feline some time to adjust to the sensation. If they have been exposed to clippers from the early stages of life, this process will run smoothly. Let them sit in your lap while you are clipping and gently touch their paws. Observe their body language and make sure they are content and as comfortable as they can be.

Benefits of Claw Trimming

Does this process seem like more trouble than it’s worth? Because it is not – there are plenty of benefits of claw trimming. You, as a pet owner, will have your furniture protected from scrapes, and you won’t have to worry whether your cat will scratch you and make you bleed. Also, there are health benefits because removing sharp claws will prevent the pain of broken and sore claws.

Grooming and Brushing the Fur Coat

Have you been brushing your cat until now? If you have, they are already used to the process, making it way easier for you. The point of grooming is to reduce the occurrence of hairballs and prevent tangles in the fur. This way, you can carefully examine the body of your feline and see if there are any lumps or skin problems.

How to Brush Your Pet

If you opt for the DIY option instead of using professional haircut services, you should know how to properly brush hair. The grooming process can be soothing and enjoyable for the owner as well as the feline. Start slowly and brush the entire body using a metal comb and a bristle or a rubber brush; don’t skip places behind the front and back legs. If your cats are restless animals, don’t force them; try brushing one section at the time.

The Best Way to Bathe Your Furry Friend

Cats clean themselves well enough, but if you want to give them that extra shine in their fur coat, you will need to bathe them. This is a stressful process for many of them, so make sure that you approach it carefully and with a lot of patience. Keeping your feline calm is just as important as picking the right shampoo. So don’t rush, prepare, and you won’t end up all soaked in bathwater during the process.

Use the Right Fur Care Products on Your Cats

You can’t use just any kind of products when bathing your furry little friend. Try specially designed shampoos that will keep the cat’s fur coat fluffy and shiny for a long time. Depending on the skin condition, you can use shampoos and conditioners for dry skin and hair, but also shampoos for tick control, shedding, and hairballs. Take proper care of your pet and make sure that you apply it on every body part and wash it out with lukewarm water, never too hot.

Use Food and Treats to Make the Process Easier

If you want to keep your furry friend calm, try bribery. There is no better way to keep them calm during the bathing than by giving them treats. Food will make the whole process faster and easier for both of you.

There Are Alternative Options

If you think that your furry friend is too restless during bathing, you can try alternative options. The first one would be hiring professional groomers to do it for you. They are experienced and have the equipment that will help with the whole process. The second one is using bath wipes made specifically for felines.

Plan a Wellness Session for Your Pet

You care for your furry little friend. That’s why you should plan a wellness exam for them at least once a year. This physical examination can help you determine if your cat has any health problems.

It is beneficial to have annual checkups. Also, while you are at it, if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, you can make sure that the nail trimming or even grooming of your cat is done by trained and highly skilled professionals.

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