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Evict the Unwanted Tenants off of Your Pet

Our expert pet groomers are very versed in checking your pet’s skin status, making sure there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to pet skin conditions, allergies, fleas and ticks. During our grooming treatment, we check your pet from head to toes and prepare a substantial report. Here we can see are there dry patches, dandruff, issues with teeth, nails, ears or eyes. Knowledgeable groomers like ours can easily spot these problems and help you prevent more serious issues that could lead to skyrocketing emergency vet bills.

If we see fleas or ticks, we can easily take care of them with our anti-flea medicinal bath. The treatment is the same when it comes to grooming, but instead of a regular bath with all natural ingredients, we will use shampoos and conditioners that repel fleas and we will remove all the ticks. It’s not just about the appearance, these insects and parasites can carry dangerous and sometimes fatal diseases for your pet, so prevention and treatment is vital for their health. If you yourself noticed ticks or fleas, schedule our mobile grooming van that will come to the address of your choosing and take care of your beloved pet.

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