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Are you searching for the nearest Pacific Palisades pet grooming services? Well, today is your lucky day because the mobile pet grooming revolution is just around the corner. It was about time that pet grooming took a step further in business and offered something new. Overcrowded salons are a thing of the past – we focus on one pet at a time, so that each animal gets the same amount of care and professional attention. Our team is made up of some of the best and most experienced groomers you can find in Pacific Palisades who know how to give your furry friend a royal treatment.

Do you know where the nearest Pacific Palisades pet grooming salon is? With our luxury spa vans, it is wherever you need it to be. We mentioned that we are coming to your neighborhood, but did we say we are coming to your front door? You can continue doing whatever you are doing, or just take a nap, while we are taking care of your precious little friend just a few feet from your doorstep. It is that simple, so forget about time-management and rescheduling all of your things just to get an appointment. We appreciate pets, but also their owners and their time, and we do not want those grooming sessions to turn into annoying or stressful events. Hence, we find this approach very successful, and many of our clients do, too.

Luxury Spa Vans - Mobile Pet Grooming

Our Luxury SPA van is the place where the magic happens. We bring everything we need in our fancy little salon on wheels so that wherever we go, all the services you can find in other brick-and-mortar salons are available to your pet, and many more. All the products we use for pets during our treatments are natural, hypoallergenic, perfume, and chemical-free.

You do not have to worry about the hygiene and cleanliness of our van either, and yes, we do have hot water for baths, and the AC running. Your pet can expect to be relaxed, comfortable, and fully refreshed, because our grooming sessions consist of various treatments, such as trimming, cleaning, washing, combing, and at the very end, they all get a nice relaxing massage with oils. No cages, muzzles, or restraints will be used because we do not have them, our approach is something quite different.

  • Gentle hair brushing
  • Warm oil pet massage treatment
  • Check for fleas and ticks
  • Relaxing fluff dry by hand
  • Anti flea medicated bath
  • Anal gland expression
  • 100% natural cosmetics bath
  • Nail Trimming
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Professional haircut
Get in touch if you want to schedule dog grooming with our Spa-on-Wheels. Any location in Hollywood applies. 800-262-8036

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When was the last time you took your pet to a salon? If you cannot remember, or you do not have enough time to take them there, then Go Hollywood Grooming is the right company for you. We take care of the needs of pets and pet owners, which is why we come to you whenever it suits you. Meanwhile, feel free to give us a call to schedule consultations or to book an appointment.

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