Family-Owned Dog and Cat Grooming in Hollywood

Chuck and Yael are the owners of Hollywood Mobile Grooming company that offers an entire fleet of luxury pet spa vans. Our professional groomers, apart from Chuck and Yael, are ready to take dog and cat grooming to another level – on the go, wherever you are. This is a family-owned business with a heart that’s everything but small.

Luxury Mobile Grooming Vans

Time is the world’s most universal currency, and we want to make sure you have it in abundance. That’s why we will come to the address of your choosing, groom your pet and make it red-carpet ready, while pampering it like it’s one of our own. We take our sweet time (but not yours) to deliver absolute perfection. Nail trimming, ear cleaning, medicinal and anti-flea baths, makeovers and superior haircuts – we do it all. Book an appointment and we will come to your home, office, or a coffee shop near you, and perform curbside professional dog and cat grooming service.

Why Choose Hollywood Mobile Groomers?

That’s easy. We are a cage-free, nuzzle-free and restraint-free mobile grooming company that puts the wellbeing and emotional state of your pets first, immediately followed by flawless service. We are experts when it comes to positive first grooming experiences, especially when it comes to long-haired breeds that should get used to grooming sessions from the start. Your pet will enjoy the Hollywood level of pampering while being relaxed, happy and tail-waggy. Oh, and we love giving back to our community. On several occasions throughout the year, we visit (often high-kill) animal shelters and provide free makeovers to dozens of kitties and puppers looking for a loving home.

Rated #1 Mobile Pet Grooming Service in Los Angeles by LA Magazine.

It’s not Just Grooming, it’s Groom-Therapy Hot oils after a cleansing bath, gentle, relaxing massage… Our clients often joke about how they would love that level of pampering for themselves. First, this is a one-on-one beauty session where your furry friend is never left alone, or in a cage. Secondly, there are no other pets and noises that would disrupt the calming atmosphere. The main thing that sets us apart from other Hollywood dog and cat groomers is our purrfect grooming process.

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