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It’s not just the annoying tap tap tap on the hardwood floor, overgrown nails can cause massive health problems for your dog. If not trimmed, the nerve (the pink quick inside the nail) will get prolonged too, so it will bleed and cause discomfort when cut. Regular pet nail trimming will cause the quick to recede so that trimming the shell will be easier and more comfortable for the dog. Overgrown nails will mess the dog’s locomotor system, as well as damage the tendons and bone structure.

Dog Nail Trimming - as Comfortable as it Can Be

We know that pets aren’t really fans of nail trimming, but with our professional grooming treatment, they won’t feel a thing. Our number one rule is to make pets feel like kings and queens, so the entire grooming process is subjected to their comfort and wellbeing. Even the nail trimming part. We will take the necessary time to complete the task at paw without causing discomfort to your beloved pet.

Nail Trimming the Way it Should be Done:

No Cages
No Muzzles
No Restraints
Just Pure Love for the Job

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