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Mobile grooming is the latest trend in the grooming industry, and we are happy to offer our services to the people and pets of Beverly Hills. We know how hard it is to book an appointment and find the nearest Beverly Hills pet grooming services. Hence, we decided to offer something different, a one-on-one service, so your pet can get a VIP treatment and relax, without other dogs or cats around. And the best part is that we are coming to you.

People are busy, and they do not have that much time to try squeezing in grooming sessions into their tight schedules. Luckily for you, the nearest Beverly Hills pet grooming can be right in front of your door. So if you ever wanted a pet grooming near you, this is the closest as it gets. There is no line between cat-persons and dog-persons among our staff. They are all pet-persons, who are also proud pet owners and have worked in the grooming industry for years. So you can relax knowing that your four-leg little friend is going to be in the right, gentle hands.

Luxury Spa Vans - Mobile Pet Grooming

Have you heard about our Beverly Hills luxury SPA grooming vans? The demand for Beverly Hills grooming services is vast, but the market is also very competitive. Hence, we decided to step up the game and offer something completely new to our clients. Our treatment covers all the steps and grooming services a pet can need, and we will take care of them like they are our own – on the spot of your choosing. Whether it is at your house, at work, or in front of a restaurant. We adjust our services to you to ease this mandatory part of care.

Whether you want your pet to have the most modern haircut in the hood, or want them clean of fleas, we do it all. Owners of long-haired animals have no reason to worry. We brush them extra, and generally, all treatments from shampooing to blow-drying for them last a bit longer, due to their long hair. We will clean your pet’s teeth, nails, hair, beautify them, but we also pay attention to abnormalities, skin changes, ticks, or any other health issues. Another important thing is, we do not use cages, restraints, or muzzles. We relax pets with a gentle massage and our luxury SPA vans offer better conditions than many Beverly Hills salons. We were the first one to offer this type of service in Los Angeles, and now you can find us in your neighborhood too.

  • Gentle hair brushing
  • Warm oil pet massage treatment
  • Check for fleas and ticks
  • Relaxing fluff dry by hand
  • Anti flea medicated bath
  • Anal gland expression
  • 100% natural cosmetics bath
  • Nail Trimming
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Professional haircut
Get in touch if you want to schedule dog grooming with our Spa-on-Wheels. Any location in Hollywood applies. 310-303-0929

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Forget about having to book appointments weeks in advance, or to rush around Beverly Hills to take your pet to a grooming salon. We have a handy and pretty contemporary solution. You call us or send us an online request, and our van will arrive at your address. Simple, fast, and hassle-free. Secure your best friend a 5-star service as a thank you gift for all the times they have put a smile on your face.

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