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Sit, Stay - Relax. Good Pet!

To your cat or dog, a pet massage service can look like the most majestic belly rub of their lives, but there is a distinctive difference between the two. Pet massage first and foremost helps your pet relax, especially since we are using 100% natural, chemical-free oils. As our pets age, they are encountering a variety of mobility issues, and many of those ails can be reduced with a massage.

Massage will help your pet feel calm and relaxed, which is what we love to put an emphasis on during our grooming process. This is especially true if the pets are traumatized with the past grooming experiences, or are in general not accustomed to the regular grooming treatments.

Pet Massage Benefits:

Chronic Joint Pain Healing

Massage aids overall healing processes that occur naturally. Pet massage is most useful for both chronic and temporary joint pain, arthritis, some swellings, issues with tendons, even hip dysplasia to which the larger dog breeds are more prone to develop. Rigidness or limited range of joint motion can be eased with pet massage therapy and improve mobility.

Stress & Anxiety Reduction

Relaxing movements combined with warm massage oils will reduce the stress levels and calm the anxiety. This is especially useful for dogs who are jumpy or overly active. There are numerous reasons why pets can feel anxious and behave destructively, but pet massage therapy can definitely help.

Circulation Improvement

Pet massage therapy can improve circulation, especially if it’s applied after the warm bath that will already relax the muscle tissue beforehand. Massage helps carry the oxygen to the cell which increases blood oxygenation. Improved circulation also helps with toxin buildup removal and boosts immunity. Pet massage keeps the joints lubricated

Muscle Tension Reduction

Whether it’s due to old age or a recent trip to the park, dogs can also feel the tightness in muscles after strenuous activities. Sore muscles will be a thing of the past if you have your pet relax with the help of the therapist’s skillful hands. Your dog will be chasing that ball again in no time.

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