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Pampering Groom-a-Therapy

Get a professional all-encompassing pet grooming treatment in Hollywood! Book an appointment and our Pet Spa van will come near your location and provide a complete pet spa experience for your precious darling. Our luxury van fleet is self-sufficient and can operate anywhere – even in front of a mall, coffee shop, your home or an office.

Pet Grooming Vans Have
  • Hot Water
  • AC Running
  • Superior Grooming Equipment
What We Don’t Have:
  • Restraints
  • Muzzles
  • Cages

How We Do Grooming


Soothing Pet Baths

Our makeover starts with a nice, warm bath where we will get rid of the dirt and dandruff with gentle and effective scrubbing. Also, we only use 100% natural or hypoallergenic cosmetics. We can even administer medicinal and anti-flea baths if needed.

Bath Time

Mini Massage

We provide nothing less than a royal Pet Spa Session befitting little kings and queens. That is why every grooming session also includes a relaxing pet massage therapy with warm, natural lavender oils that also act as a flea repellent.

Pet Massage Benefits

Brazilian Blow-Out & Hand-Drying

Next, we do an exceptional Brazilian Blow-out and hair dried coat by hand. As always, all pets receive utmost care and feels relaxed at all times, no matter how long it takes. We provide and reinforce a positive grooming experience.

Pet Grooming

Full Body Haircut

Whether you like clipping, shaving, a hand scissor trim, or any combination of these, we will come through. Working with shelter pets means that we have substantial experience in matted fur, dreadlocks and knots, so your pet couldn’t be in better, and more skillful hands.

Splendid Hairdos

Grooming & Pawdicure

After your darling is clean, dry, and looking fabulous with a new haircut, we will proceed with the overall grooming, trimming overgrown nails, ear and teeth cleaning. Here is where we trim the paw hairs and do the final touch up of a professional pet makeover.

Nail Trimming

Health Checkup

Throughout the entire grooming process, we pay attention to all the details and do a quick health checkup and anal gland expression so that we can provide a full report when you pick up your precious furbaby. Often we are the first to notice skin conditions, ear infections

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