Groom-a-Therapy Pampering Sessions

Pet SPA treatment might be an additionals service at other pet salons, but at Hollywood Mobile Grooming it’s a part of our regular (but still extraordinary) grooming process. We insist on creating a relaxing atmosphere in our mobile vans and salons and make sure that apart from professional pet grooming near you, your beloved furry friend gets a special pampering treatment.

Oftentimes pet owners choose us to train their pets from a young age and teach them that grooming isn’t a stressful ordeal. And it really doesn’t have to be. In our grooming vans, your pet will have a 1-on-1 treatment with the groomer, there won’t be any other pets or their scents, no cages or restraints of any kind. Just deluxe pampering. We don’t rush to get the job done, we take our time to give a relaxing bath with 100% natural cosmetics. Right after that we will use a warm lavender oil and give your pet the most luxurious massage. They will feel like they are getting the best belly,back and neck rub of the their lives.

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