April 14, 2020

Most Important Things You Need to Know About Professional Pet Grooming

If you’re reading this with your furry friend in your lap, you’re probably interested in learning what a skilled and qualified groomer actually does. We’re here to introduce you to the essential things you should know about professional pet grooming and how it can benefit the overall appearance and health of your beloved animal companion.

What Does Professional Grooming Include?

The services typically included in professional pet grooming are:

  • bathing – typically with anti-flea and anti-tick shampoo
  • brushing the coat – depending on the type and length of hair
  • face cleaning – eyes and ears are cleansed with otic solution, forceps, and gauze.

Certain cat and dog breeds might also require:

  • nail trimming – if needed, because certain animals trim their nails by themselves by walking on the sidewalks
  • teeth brushing – with special toothpaste and toothbrush specially designed for animals)
  • haircut
  • anal gland expression

Professional Pet Grooming Is Good For Your Pet’s Health

All of this is not just about the looks. Nice haircut and fluffy fur make a good appearance, but keeping your furry companion clean also means keeping it healthy. Their coat, skin, eyes, nose, and ears need special care, and highly skilled groomers have a keen and trained eye for spotting ticks, parasites, skin infections, gum disease, etc.

Some pets may have allergies or some other medical condition that you don’t know of, so it’s best not to risk and bathe them by yourself. Imagine trying to bathe your furry friend, and it turns out that they’re allergic to some ingredient of the shampoo – it would cause a world of worries that could have easily been avoided. Good groomers will also notice if your companion has some potential health-related issues.

Consult Your Vet

If you’re not sure about what proper treatment for your dog or cat would be, consult your veterinarian. They can advise you about the breed and their specific needs. They’ll tell you what kind of care your furry companion needs and how often, depending on the type of coat, length of hair, and specific characteristics of the animal. Some need special care, more frequent bathing, or anal gland expression, and the vet will surely see and know that. They shouldn’t get baths too frequently to avoid drying their skin or cause coat problems.

Dog and Cat Grooming Is Not Always Easy

Many pets find it quite stressful to be bathed or to have their nails clipped. If your companion is like that, you’ll need someone armed with patience and the ability to manage temperamental pets. Professionals understand animal behavior and have enough experience to know how to handle a scared or aggressive animal. The customer should let the groomer know if their dog or cat has some trust issues or is prone to aggression before booking an appointment. That way, they will know how to act, and they can be prepared to react in case something goes wrong.

You’ll Be Sure That Everything Is Done Properly

All the tools, shampoos, and other supplies needed to provide a good grooming service are not something we usually have at home. Luckily, professionals have everything your furry friend may need. Special brushes, combs, ph-balanced soaps and conditioners, special clippers for nails, and all the other equipment is already in the salon. After all, you’re leaving your four-legged friend with someone who has a license, basic knowledge of animal anatomy, and loves animals. Every pet gets individual attention and special care if needed.

No Mess in Your Home

Grooming service is there so that all the shedding, wet towels, used gauzes, toenails, and other debris can stay out of your home. Your four-legged friend will be clean, healthy, and satisfied, as will you. Hiring a professional to handle your pet’s fur will also save you time and energy since bathing can be a real physical and challenging activity. A clean bathroom and clean dog equals a happy customer!

How to Choose the Right Groomer

Since this is a business that is expanding rapidly, be wise when choosing with whom you leave your beloved friend. Not all of them are as good as the ads show, nor do they always offer the service they claim they do. It’s best to ask around and opt for a tried and tested salon with good reviews on Yelp and Facebook. When you find the ones you like, feel free to visit them and ask whatever you’d like to know. Groomer salons should have a first aid kit, non-toxic products, and skilled and trained staff. If you don’t find all of that, consider changing the groomer.

There Are Also Mobile Pet Grooming Professionals

Some groomers took this profession to another level by situating their salons in big vans so that they can be at any location at an agreed time. In an air-conditioned van with hot water, your dogs or cats will be pampered just the way you want, just a few steps from your home. This can save you a lot of trouble since you won’t have to go to the salon at a predetermined time. They can come to you, and it also lowers the separation stress. This whole process can sometimes last up to 3 hours, and pets tend to get agitated, especially if there are other dogs or cats around. With this option, the animal will be content being the only one in the van, and you won’t have to worry if he or she feels okay or is being treated right.

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